Hi, I’m Heather. Welcome! I invite you to explore my site to see what I can offer you and to help you decide if we’re a good fit to work together!

Let me share a few of my beliefs about YOU and how therapy can HELP.

I believe…

People are naturally resilient.

Everyone can manage through their many challenges if they are given the right tools.

When people feel truly heard, understood and validated, that in itself can be an extremely healing experience.

How therapy with me can help…

You might be struggling through this high-paced, demanding world, feeling worried about the future or worried about your current life situation. Unhealthy patterns can be reformed into healthy ones. You have resources already within you. We can tap into these resources to improve your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself. I will help you focus on the present, help you from feeling regretful about the past or worried about the future.

What it’s like to work with me…

I am a humanistic and client-centered therapist. I believe that our relationship with each other is the best predictor of a positive therapeutic experience. Therefore, I spend a lot of time listening to you and working to understand you. I also will be very genuine with you so that your trust in me can grow.

If you want to talk with me to get a better sense of our fit, give me a call for a free 20 minute phone consultation! 916-790-6024.